10 Narrow Boating Myths Debunked!
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Mon Aug 1, 2016 at 10:33am

We have set ourselves a challenge to debunk some of the narrowboat myths we've heard about. So here we go....

Myth #1 - It's always cold and damp 

FACT - No one wants to live in a cold and damp environment and living on a modernised narrow boat doesn't mean this will be the case. Today's narrow boats are just as comfortable as land homes. There are basically three heating options available which can be used together or separately. A diesel fired central heating system such as Eberspacher, Webasto, Mikuni or a Gas system such as Alde and Ellis used with a multi fuel stove. 

Myth # 2 - It's not hygienic 

FACT - A fully fitted out modern narrow boat will have all the mod cons of a land home from a fully working kitchen with full plumbing for a sink and a dishwasher. The bathrooms are fitted with a shower, sink, toilet and sometimes even a bath. So as you can see there is no reason why anything or anyone ever needs to go unwashed.   

Myth # 3 - It's not practical for families.

FACT - The fact that we sell a large percentage of our boats to families debunks this myth straight away! Depending on the size of the narrow boat you can find boats with separate bedrooms which allows families to have their own private space. It's true that the lack of storage space does mean that if you intend to live aboard full time that the amount of possessions each person can have is limited. However if you are just using the boat for leisure purposes then this won't be an issue.  

Myth # 4 - It's impossible to find moorings.

FACT - Really?! We have some superb moorings at our marina check out our moorings page.  

Myth # 5 - It's not safe.

FACT - Boating is as safe as any other mode of transport if not safer due to the slow speed that they travel. If you educate your children and other crew members on how to behave when onboard and whilst near the canal then accidents are unlikely to happen.   

Myth #6 - It's only for old people

FACT - This couldn't be further from the truth! Many young couples have realised that buying and living on a boat is a great way of getting on the property ladder. It also enables them to live in areas such as London and Manchester that wouldn't normally be possible due to the expensive house prices in these sort after cities.   

Myth #7 - It's going to be expensive 

FACT - Not necessarily, of course there is the initial purchase price but with companies like Pegasus Marine Finance offering mortgages or the option to get a personal loan this is makes buying a narrow boat very possible. The ongoing costs will need to be budgeted for so any living accommodation, whether on the land or water will incur some running and maintenance costs.   

Myth #8 - You can't rename a narrow boat

FACT - Well actually you can, it's only the superstitious that believe in this myth and wouldn't want to risk making any changes to their boats name, throug fear it will sink as soon as the new name is painted on it's side! For the non superstitious find out how to change a boats name here  

Myth #9 - The toilets are a problem!

FACT - You don't have to worry, the bucket and chuck it option is very much a thing of the past! We wrote an in depth article on the great toilet debate have a read and you will see depending on your own personal choice there are various options to choose from.   

Myth #10 - You shouldn't buy a boat that is over 57 foot long

FACT - It's believed by some that this is the largest size boat you should buy, as it will get you everywhere on the canal system. But let's face it, will you honestly want/need to cruise every inch of the system? 

With space at a premium on a narrow boat we wouldn't rule out looking at the longer boats. This will give you more living/storage space which in time we think you will appreciate more than been able to cover all 2000 miles. 

Ten Myths Easily Debunked. The End. If you want to set us another challenge just let us know!


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