Blog Posts: July 2017
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Tue Jul 25, 2017 at 9:10am
Ready for summer cruising.Boating Equipment Checked items to include: 1KG hammer, mooring pins and ropes (with spares). Also, consider purchasing  a couple of  lightweight spare windlasses. There may not be a chandlery nearby to buy replacements. Torches are a must as the tow path can be very dark on the way back to the boat from the pub.You may also wish to consider having life jackets on board for guest who may feel uncomfortable on the waterways.A fully stocked first-aid kit, a....
Sat Jul 1, 2017 at 10:17am
Should I turn my narrowboat into a WIFI "Hot Spot" Wi-Fi hotspots are usually available in marinas, bars, cafes or even a neighbouring boat, however the low power of devices such as mobile phones and tablets do not always allow connection due to range limitations.To connect over longer distances or to get a strong signal from all over a narrowboat, a Wi-Fi range extender can greatly help. Range extenders can come in two forms:1. Smart booster antennas: These have the software built int....