5 Top Tips To Follow If You Want A Narrow Boat ASAP
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Thu Sep 1, 2016 at 10:55am

Buying a narrow boat for most of us is not something that can be achieved overnight, as there are a few aspects that need to be considered and arranged before a purchase can be made. For some of us buying a narrow boat is something that may be for now just a dream, something to look forward to in the future, but there’s no harm in looking at the best ways to achieve a narrow boat purchase.

Our top tips if you want to buy a narrow boat:


Be Realistic

If you haven’t got the funds in your bank, then some planning towards funding your purchase will need to take place. There are plenty of finance options available depending on your circumstances. Consider approaching a boating mortgage company to finance the boat if you don't have savings. Once you have either the savings or a mortgage in place, make sure you don’t over spend on the boats purchase, as there are other costs involved when you buy a narrow boat.

Have a budget in place before you start looking for a boat and stick to this price, being realistic about how much you have to spend will help during the search for your new vessel and keep you from wasting time looking at boats that you can't afford. It’s also worth mentioning that buying a narrowboat can be time consuming, and it may be that you don’t find what you are after to begin with, so don’t expect to be moving on board and cruising straight away.

Use Time Wisely

Time is arguably our most valuable commodity, and it goes by quickly. Use whatever time you have to plan and save for your new narrow boat. Make a “To Do List” which may include the following amongst other things :

  • Get insurance companies details ready for quotations
  • Look into narrow boat licenses
  • Learn what costs are involved in owning a narrow boat
  • Address your finances
  • Look at boat styles, lengths and sterns in more detail
  • Create a wish list of the boats requirements
  • Search mooring options

Be Savvy and Use A Brokerage Company

One way of achieving your dream of owning a narrow boat quickly is to use a good brokerage company. A brokerage company will already have a large collection of different boats of different styles and prices in one central location, allowing you to view and compare many boats without traveling all over the network.

The sales team will also be able to handle the sales process from start to finish which will speed up the process. Register your interest with the brokerage company so that they can contact you when boats meeting your requirements arrive at the marina.

Be Patient

Having patience is a quality that will help you handle the whole buying process from start to finish. Buying a narrow boat is a big investment and shouldn’t be taken lightly or rushed. For various reasons the purchase process is going to take some time. Finances may need to be found, a house may need to be sold, retirement may need to be taken before a suitable boat can be found. So as you can see having patience is a good trait to have when buying a narrow boat!

Be Clever and Hire

It’s always a good idea to hire a narrow boat before buying one. If you are in the process of sorting out finances or waiting for your retirement, then going on a few canal boat holidays during this time is a great way of enjoying some time on the water. During these holidays you will be able to try out different boats and also cruise different sections of the system, which will help you decide on boat types and areas you want cruise or moor at when you come to buy that boat.

Be Focused and Never Give Up

We have helped 1000's of customers fulfill their dreams of owning a narrow boat, and you too can soon be cruising the network in your new narrow boat. Just keep focused and stay positive. If you want any help or advice then please feel free to visit us at our purpose built marina at Venetian Marina. We are open 7 days a week and no appointment is necessary.

Good Luck!

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