Refuse and recycling on the canals
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Tue Jun 28, 2016 at 8:48am

Let's talk dirty

This article is about refuse and recycling on the canals via the CRT sanitary stations and refuse compounds with particular attention to the Llangollen, and Shropshire Union Canals, including the Middlewich Branch and River Weaver.


Elsan disposal


A few years ago, the majority of small lengths of flexible hoses fixed to the rinse taps, which were located above or near the bowl of a CRT chemical toilet (ELSAN) disposal facilities at sanitary stations were removed to meet water supply regulations. Since then as predicted by many users, the overall cleanliness of many of these facilities has deteriorated.

The good news is that CRT has agreed to reinstate the flush hose so you should see an improvement in the cleanliness and ease of use.

However, if you come across any service blocks which have not yet had the flush hose refitted, we suggest a quick short email to your local CRT office (or ).

Refuse recycling

This information also appeared in the Shroppie Fly Paper a few months ago. But with the start of this year's cruising season I thought it will be of use to our boating friends.

There are recycling bins at all CRT boater's waste compounds in the North Wales and Boarders area except: Hurleston, Barbridge, Market Draton and Northwich town centre, on the River Weaver. The compounds now have separate bins for general waste. For mixed glass and for dry mixed recycling (DMR).

The mixed glass wheelie bins accept empty bottles, jars and broken household glassware. The larger DMR " Euro-bins are for paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, hard plastics, aluminium and steel cans.

However, importantly, plastic bags cannot be accepted in either of the recycling bins and must be placed in general waste. This includes any plastic bags that may have been used to hold and store boater's recycling. If any plastic bags are in the recycling bins,  the waste contractor (Biffa) may deem the load contaminated and CRT may incur extra costs.

All food waste must continue to go in the general waste bins and the normal prohibitions still apply for other waste materials, such as electrical appliances, engine oil, diesel fuel, used batteries and other toxic waste, which must be disposed of at a council-run Household Waste Recycling Centre.


These pictures were taken at the Anderton CRT Station.

Happy cruising and remember to: Re-use and  recycle.   

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