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Tue Jan 17, 2017 at 9:45am

12 reasons for owning a narrow boat.

At the beginning of every new year many of us decide to make some changes in our life's. The start of a new year brings the opportunity to push the reset button and achieve new goals whether it's weight lose, getting a new job, planning a lifetime holiday, starting a family, making an investment or moving house.  

If you are considering buying a narrow boat and need a little more reassurance that you are doing the right thing, then read our 12 reasons why living on/owning a narrow boat is so great.   

We think after you have read our 12 reasons for owning a narrow boat, you will soon be on your way to see us!  

1 No Neighbours

One of the major benefits of living on a narrow boat is the fact that if you want complete isolation you can just cruise off and find it. With over 2000 miles of waterways in the U.K you can rest assure you will be able to find many quiet and peaceful locations to escape too.   

Having said that if you do want to be part of a community then mooring with others is also possible in marinas and on busier stretches of the canal system. So basically you are in a win win situation, grab the company of others when you want it and set sail when you don't.  

2 Waterside Location
If we were to compare the affordability of buying a land home on a waterside location against buying a narrowboat to enjoy the same luxury, then I think buying a boat would win hands down. 

Not many people can boast they have the envious opportunity to wake up to the sounds of the waterways each day, but when you live on a narrow boat it's all part and parcel of day to day life.    

3 Being Close to Nature

When your front and back garden consists of 2000 miles of British waterways then your going to encounter a variety of changing plants and wildlife. Many boaters are keen bird watchers or have a passion for fishing.

And for others just being able to enjoy the amazing wildlife and scenery from their boats is one of the reasons they enjoy canal life so much. There are plenty of wildlife related projects you can get involved with via the canal and river trust check out what's local to you.

4 Environmental Friendly Lifestyle
The very idea of not caring for the environment for a boater is going to be the exception. The whole way of life aboard a boat has you thinking and behaving in a different way. You need to make decisions everyday about the amount of electricity and water you use. How you will get rid of rubbish. The products you use to wash and clean. The amount of "material stuff" you purchase. The holidays out of the country you take. The journeys you make in a car. The list goes on and on. So living or spending time on a narrow boat certainly makes you more environmentally aware. 

5 Keeps you and your family fit
You may not have a flight of stairs to climb each day but flights of locks you will have! Boating will certainly keep you on your toes. Running a boat will require a certain amount of daily physically work. So if you are wanting to get fit or stay fit boating will certainly provide you with at least 30 minutes activity a day. 

6 The Opportunity to Visit Different Locations 

Exploring as many different areas as your schedule allows you is also a major advantage to owning a narrowboat. Being able to set off and cruise through countryside and urban areas gives you a variety of locations to explore and all at a wonderfully slow pace.    

7 Being Part Of A Close Knit Community 
Ask any one from the boating community what it's like living on a narrowboat and I bet they say something along the lines of "it's like having an extended family". Everyone looks out for each other, offers help when needed and are generally like minded. Making mooring in groups on the towpath or in a marina a very safe and pleasurable experience. 

8 Freedom

The fact you can escape the rut of day to day life and cruise away for as long or as little as you are able, is surely the greatest freedom any one could ask for. Picture that empty canal in front of a boat 

9 Will Save You Money 
Its true it really can save you money! Think about it, if you have just you and your boat to care for then the bills are going to be minimal, no additional furniture to buy, no house maintenance to pay for, no keeping up with the Jones's (that's so for land owners) and limited space to buy "stuff" you don't need. No need for expensive holidays your living the dream already!  

10 Minimises the Need for Lots Of Possessions

When living aboard or just spending time on your boat you will soon realise your need to buy material possessions becomes very unimportant. Don't get me wrong there are going to be things you want to buy for your boat but they will be more than likely be essential and practical items rather than "oh I love that vase, I've just have to have it" type of items.   

11 No Traffic Jams
The only jam you are going to come across is the stuff you spread on your toast! 

12 A Closeness to Family
Being on a boat is a fabulous way of bringing a family closer together. Limited time spent on gadgets and stuck in front of the TV is replaced with time spent running the boat as a team.   

Evenings spent together in one place rather than scattered around a house encourages conversation and spending time with one another. Taking ownership for certain jobs and learning to share and accept responsibilities, all helps bring your kids up to be self sufficient, selfless and responsible. It also teaches them that it's not the material things in life that make you happy; it's family, friends and yourself that creates happiness. 

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Happy cruising from the team at Venetian Marina.  

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