Livaboard narrowboats for sale
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Thu Feb 14, 2013 at 5:57pm

Are you looking to buy a liveaboard narrow boat?

If you are considering a life style change and ready to set off on a new venture aboard a narrow boat then we can help you buy your dream narrow boat. We have a marina in Nantwich Cheshire full of narrow boats that are suitable for livaboard purposes. There are many different styles of narrowboats and they all are suitable for living aboard, it will be your own personal preferences that will decide which boat is right for you.

Narrowboats have greatly improved in the past 20 years. They are better designed, equipped and more suitable for livaboard purposes. Newer narrow boats in general have larger windows or sky lights supplying plenty of light into the boat. Modern diesel heating systems offer good quality insulation providing all the hot water and heating regardless of the weather conditions outside.

As we have mentioned in other articles a living aboard is a life style choice and isn’t for everyone. Do your homework to make sure this is for you before making a purchase; you may decide it’s not for you full time but you want to be able to cruise and moor throughout the year. Owning a narrow boat also gives you a blot hole whenever you want to get away from everyday life.

So before you buy your narrow boat you need to decide the intended use of your boat, do you intend to use it throughout the year for holidays or livaboard full time? Once this decision has been made you will be able to buy the right narrow boat for you.

Is it for you?

What size narrow boat?

To give you an idea of the suitability of a shorter narrow boat say around 30 foot; this would be suitable for short and occasional use for 1 -2 people. The narrow boats that go up to 70 foot could be used for family holidays or living on. However there are some restrictions on some parts of the canal system for longer boats, if you intend to cruise. So this will need to be taken into consideration before purchase if you wish to cruise in these areas, which tend to be up north. Boats up to 57 feet as a rule do not have any restrictions upon them when they cruise the canal system.

How Venetian Marina can help

We have a large selection of liveaboard narrow boats for sale and we are highly experienced in providing free advice on the following:
  • Types of boats
  • Moorings
  • Insurance
  • Licence’s
  • Running costs
  • Maintenance
Call us on 01270 528251 for a chat and we can explain the modern way of living on a narrowboat in more detail.



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