Narrow Boat Help and Advice after purchase
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Sun Feb 10, 2013 at 6:18pm
At Venetian marina we like to offer our customers a little bit extra. We care that once you have made your purchase of your new narrow boat that you are confident and happy with everything before you leave our marina. So whether you are sailing down the Llangollen canal or off to Chester we know you have left us fully prepared for your journey.

So this is why we offer an after sales care service. The hand over can be split into 2 sections, some boaters are happy to collect their paper work and keys and bid us goodbye. However some people who are not as experienced like to have a more in-depth hand over service. With this in mind we can offer this more advanced hand over when it is required.

For anyone wanting additional help with their new narrow boat we offer an advanced ‘hand over’ service, as every narrow boat is different we don’t have a set procedure, but just to give you a feel of what we do offer, this is how we go about organizing and carrying out these services.

Simple Hand Over

• Firstly we would ask the buyer if this service is required, they may just want to collect the keys and paper work and sail away. So it’s important to access how much assistance they require in advance, so we can organise enough time to spend with them.
• We would then organise with the purchaser when they are collecting the boat and have all the paperwork ready with all the keys.
• Then when the customer arrives to collect the boat and keys. We will give them their receipt of payment, boat safety certificate, bill of sale and most importantly the keys.
• We will show you where your new purchase is located on the marina and make sure that your narrowboat is easy to access. Here ends the simple handover.

Advanced Hand Over

• Once we have arrived at the narrow boat we will take you through using the following if they are fitted to your narrow boat;

o Demonstrate the battery isolators
o Show you the switch panel for the lights, water pump etc.
o Start / stop the engine
o Where the gas bottles are situated and how to turn on and off
o Operate the inverter
o Switch on / off the central heating or solid fuel stove
o Show you where to fill the diesel
o Show you where to fill the water
o Where / how to grease the stern gland
o How to remove debris from the weed hatch

We will even show you how to tie / untie the boat and how to operate the lock if you are unsure. We just need to know in advance how much assistance you require so we can organise for one of the team to spend some time with you.

If you are in the process of buying a boat from us and would like to book the advance handover service, please give us a call so we can arrange enough time to spend with you on the day you wish to collect your new narrowboat.

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