Cruiser Style Narrowboats
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Fri Mar 8, 2013 at 5:38pm

About cruiser style narrow boats

In our previous articles we discussed the trad and semi narrow boats so now we are going to look at the 3rd type of stern which is The Cruiser stern. Out of all the boat types the cruiser has been designed to give the largest open space on the deck for outdoor cruising.

The deck is usually 2 metres or more long and is open planned, but it is surrounded with safety rails. The engine is usually found below the deck and is accessed by lifting a section of the decking. The stern can be rounded or square. A square stern boat gives more deck space but can be more difficult to manoeuvre, especially in reverse.

This style of boat originated with hire-boats for holiday makers, but is also popular with private boat owners. It is a very social style of narrow boat due to the large decking area. Like the semi traditional style narrow boat the cruisers can also have a removal pram hood to enclose the sitting area. This pram hood also includes side panels. So you have the flexibility to have the sides on or off and no roof, or the sides and roof on together. With the sides and roof in place this makes a totally enclosed seating area or storage area.

Due to the popularity of the cruiser style narrow boat we have many different boats for you to choose from if you are looking to make a purchase. Follow this link to take you to all our cruiser style boats. Once you have clicked on the link choose the option Cruiser, if you want to define your search further you can choose the length of the narrowboat and also the price range. Or if you know the boats name you can add that into the search and the boat will be located for you.

2 Dolly is a 2008 41ft Cruiser style Narrowboat
moored at Venetian Marina for viewing. Priced at £34,950

If you are looking to sell your narrow boat give us a call we can make you a cash offer.

Our sister company has some very useful videos watch Andy tell you about Cruiser style narrowboats.

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