Semi Traditional Narrow Boats
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Wed Mar 6, 2013 at 1:28pm

About semi traditional narrow boats also known as semi trad narrow boats

The Semi-Traditional Narrow boat is commonly referred to as 'Semi-trad' and is a modern version of the traditional style narrow boat. It is built in a similar way to a cruiser stern, but from the side or at a distance the semi-trad actually still looks like a traditional narrow boat.

The semi-traditional stern gains some social benefits of a cruiser stern, while still retaining a traditional design. The semi trad has a deck that extends back from the hatch and rear doors and is protected by side walls that create a seating area with additional doors to the outer deck. The seating area will accommodate between 2 and 6 people seated on fitted bench style seating on either side of the walls.
The semi is a popular choice with families and boaters who have dogs, as the passengers are in a defined closed in area. Not all trads have seating, but this can be added by the owner.

Due to this additional outdoor seating area you do lose some living space within the boat. However the semi is still a very popular style narrowboat.

A big advantage of a semi-traditional design is that the steerer can stand inside the seating area and this will offer some protection from the weather. The seating area can also be covered with a pram hood. These hoods create a covered seating area and are removable if you wish to take them off in the warmer months. On a traditional narrow boat the steerer is open to all weather conditions.

The engine is found under the deck in this boat and will have access from the front and the top, making it easy to access for maintenance purposes. Access to the engine is gained by lifting a section of the decking.

Bunbury is just one of the semi trads we have for sale at our marina.Bunbury is a 1996 54ft Jonathon Wilson Semi Traditional style narrowboat. Moored at Venetian Marina in Nantwich for viewing. Priced at £39,950

Semi traditional narrow boat
To view our semi trad narrow boats for sale follow this link; semi traditional narrow boats. Once you have clicked on the link choose semi traditional as the boat type and all the semi trad boats will be displayed. We are constantly adding new narrow boats to our website so either keep checking back or you could join our mailing list.

If you have a semi trad boat you want to sell why not give us a call for a free no obligation valuation? Alternatively you can fill out our enquiry form

Watch a video made by our sister company Whilton marina about semi traditional narrow boats

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