Traditional Narrow Boats
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Mon Mar 4, 2013 at 12:40pm

About traditional narrow boats also known as trad narrow boats

The traditional or the trad stern narrow boat is ideal for live aboard purposes, typified by short back deck of 2 -3 feet in length, giving more room inside for living accommodation. These boats were designed from the working style narrow boats which required the most room in the boat itself, so it could maximise the space inside for the cargo it was carrying. The engine is also physically inside the boat.

Because the traditional stern is not really large enough for anyone other than the steerer to stand on safely, on trad boats the deck forms the main outside viewing area for the passengers. It could be said that it is not the most sociable of designs; however it is a very popular design. The traditional stern has a layout of a small open, unguarded deck behind the rear doors from which you steer the boat with the tiller. In the good weather, many trad-stern steerers sit up on the hatchway giving good all-round visibility.

Advantages are that it is a very classic and inherently attractive design and also maximises the amount of usable space inside the boat.

We have a good selection of traditional stern narrow boats at the marina, follow this link to view the trad boats we have at the moment. You will view boats that are 40 feet to 61 feet so there should be a boat to fit your needs. Once you have clicked on the link choose traditional as the boat type and all the Trad boats will be displayed.

Once you have found a boat you are interested in click on the image and you will be taken to a dedicated page about that narrowboat. You can also download a brochure about the boat too. All our brochures tell you about what type of stern the narrow boat has and other important information.

Below is just one example of a trad boat we have to buy.  Fox is a 2010 57ft Collingwood Traditional style narrowboat. Moored at Venetian Marina in Nantwich for viewing. Priced at £59,950

Traditional Narrow boat View from the deck of a Traditional narrow boat
We are constantly adding new Traditional style narrowboats to the website, so it’s worth registering your details and you will be emailed when a new boat arrives matching your requirements. You can also subscribe to Whilton Marinas mailing list.

Watch our video on Traditional Stern Narrow boats made by our sister company Whilton Marina

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