Venetian Marina to Gift £1,000 to Macmillan Cancer Charity
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Thu Oct 31, 2013 at 1:32pm

We're pleased to announce that Venetian Marina has hit their 100th Narrowboat sale target, having sold 100 narrowboats in just under 19 months.  This is a great achievement as we didn't expect our Cheshire sales branch would do as well in the current economic climate.

In celebration of hitting our 100th narrowboat sale target we've donated £1,000 to Macmillan Cancer Charity and presented Mr and Mrs Ringwood-Walker with a bottle of Champagne as they brought the 100th narrowboat!

Below is a picture of Lee Evans presenting Mr and Mrs Ringwood-Walker with a bottle of champagne and the Macmillan Cancer Charity Cheque.

Carry on the good work team and perhaps when we reach our next target we will try and raise some more money for charity!


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