6 Things You Won't Miss If You Live Afloat!
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Wed Apr 23, 2014 at 2:30pm

Read this article to see what you could be escaping from....

Here's just a few things we think you won't miss if you decide to live on a narrow boat.  There are lots of benefits living on a narrow boat, so let's look at what you won't have to put up with if you lived on a narrow boat.

Time Wasting Traffic Jams

A major problem that most people experience every week.  No such problem on the canal system! British commuters will spend an average of more than one year and 88 days stuck in traffic jams – according to new research.  Traveling along the canal network at 4 miles an hour harmoniously is more enjoyable and far less stressful we're sure you will agree.

Annoying Door To Door Sales People

Nothing more annoying than being disturbed by door to door sales people.  You won’t be hassled down on the canal the only people knocking on your door are your friends and family.


Piles Of Junk Mail

How many times have you thought great the post is here, only to find it’s a load of rubbish, leaflets from the local curry house, numerous charity bags, and various other promotions you have no interest in.  It’s not a problem on a narrow boat, they don’t even have a letter box!


Maintaining A Traditional Garden

If you aren’t a keen gardener or simply don’t have the time to dedicate to mowing lawns, trimming the edges, cutting back the borders, painting the fence, digging up weeds, spraying path ways and cleaning the patio.  Then you will be pleased to know you don’t have to do any of this if you live on a narrow boat. The great outdoors is your back garden and you don’t have to lift a finger to enjoy it.


Having Nowhere To Park

Seriously...  not an issue if you have a narrow boat, the canal system has plenty of room, mooring is simple.  Find a place you like the look of, slip your boat in, tie up and enjoy.

Suffering Bad Neighbours

This is another problem that the home owner can suffer; living next door to the nosy or noisy neighbour can be a total nightmare and realistically is hard to remedy.

For the boater...  if you happen to moor alongside some one that you don’t like, it’s easy, you can move. It’s not so easy for the home owner who doesn’t get on with their neighbour ,firstly it will take time, money and unnecessary upset.  No such problem for the boater, even if you are in a marina you will easily be able to ask for a new mooring pier should you need it.  The marina owner will be more than happy to find you a new mooring rather than seeing you go.


Can you think of any other things the narrow boat owner doesn't have to endure that the home owner does?

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