Part Exchange Your Narrowboat Today Why Wait?!
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Tue Jul 1, 2014 at 12:38pm

Want to exchange your narrowboat, why wait. Do It Now!

Sometimes it’s good to wait and take all the time in the world, but then there are times when a quick deal is just the thing. 

Wanting to part exchange your boat may be due to many different circumstances from needing to quickly release some of the funds tied up in your boat, needing more space and wanting to buy a bigger boat, wanting a new style or you may be just plain impatient and don’t like waiting!

Whatever the reason a part exchange deal can be just right for you and your special circumstances so why not consider using our part exchange service?

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So who can part exchange?

If you already own a narrowboat you can part exchange. By part exchanging your narrowboat you can update to a boat that matches your requirements straight away.

No need to wait for a buyer to come along to buy your boat, so you won't be missing out the opportunity of buying a boat you have already seen advertised.Part exchanging could save you valuable time and can be less stressful than selling.

Which boats can be exchanged?

We are interested in looking at any style, length and age of narrow boat including wide beams.  Your boat does not have to be in perfect condition for us to be interested in doing a deal.  We will view your boat and give you a fair market price based on the condition of your vessel.

How It Works

1. Make a visit to our marina in Cheshire or alternatively our sister company Whilton Marina in Northamptonshire.  You can also view all the boats we have for sale via our websites, be assured the websites are updated daily and all the boats we are brokering are displayed on the websites.  Once a boat is under offer the website is updated.

Note: Boats that are under offer are no longer actively being marketed and no further viewings will be available.  If for some reason the boat comes back on the market the website will reflect this information.

2. Once you have found a narrow boat  or wide beam boat you are interested in at one of our marinas or before you start looking we will value your boat. This valuation is totally FREE and you are under no obligation.  *We can visit you anywhere on the Inland Waterway; there is no need to bring your boat to us at this point unless of course you want to.
*subject to the condition of the boat

3. Once you have accepted our part exchange valuation and have found a boat you would like to own, you will need to bring your boat to the marina where your boat choice is moored, so either the Northamptonshire or Cheshire site.  Once your boat is at our marina it will be moored there at no cost.

Any work you may require to be carried out on your new narrow boat will be discussed and organised. We take pride in the fact we have a team of qualified marine engineers on site to carry out any maintenance or repair work.

4. When your boat is at our marina the exchange process can take place.  You will be given the following documents once the finances are sorted out; a paid invoice, a bill of sale, title documents and any other manuals or boat safety certificates that relate to the boat.  If you have any relevant paper work relating to your boat please leave these documents with us.

Depending on the value of the two boats concerned the financial stage can be either a straight like for like swap or an outstanding balance may be due to either party.  Once all the finances are in place you will become the new owners and can take possession of your new narrowboat.

To make moving onto your new boat as easy and stress free as possible the two boats will be moored side by side so you can move your possessions on.  You can also use our other facilities within the marina during this time.  Whilst you are moving on board we will give you FREE moorings whilst we are processing the paper work for the exchange.

As a final part of the part exchange service we offer our customers a free hand over service.  It is always a good idea to take up this opportunity as every boat is different and we can show you around your new purchase and answer any questions.  If you would like us to organise a handover, please make us aware of this when we are going over the paper work and we will book a date to suit both parties.

Alternatively if you are happy with your new purchase and are keen to get cruising then you will be free to leave the marina and enjoy your new narrow boat once all the paper work is in place.

It takes six simple steps to be cruising away in the boat of your dreams. Are you ready to take step 1?

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