Quality Of Life Matters - What Floats Your Boat?
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Tue Jul 8, 2014 at 10:45am

What Floats Your Boat?

If you are reading our blog then you will have an interest in boating in general and the alternative life style living or being on the water can offer.  It’s not just UK residents that can enjoy life on the water.  Around the world there are many wonderful examples of beautiful floating homes, some motorized like your own canal boat and others that are stationary, but all offer the owner an incredible experience on the water.

Having quality of life is important and some people find they are happiest and most content living on the water.

There is something magical and romantic about living on the water.  In the UK and across the world more and more people have taken the plunge and are now living afloat.  Owning a boat allows the owner to benefit and experience things in a way that land owners just can’t. They are rewarded with beautiful canal views, freedom and the serenity of the water.

Life on the water is very different to living on land. The pace of life is often much slower and there seems to be an awareness of the need to be environmentally friendly which is developed through the way of living.  For example a tendency to be more careful with how much water and electricity is used and disposing of rubbish in a responsible manner.

Being part of a community is also another attraction. It can be a little like stepping back in time amongst the boating community, when people used to always look out for each other and were on the whole a lot more neighbourly.  Living on land today usually everyone is in such a rush with their own issues to deal with and very little time to help out others.

Many floating residences are limited when it comes to space, so a minimal way of life is a must.  The need to be surrounded by possessions becomes less important to people who liveaboard.  A common thought among boaters is “if you don’t use it lose it!” It can be very liberating to let go of material possessions and enjoy a simpler way of life; one where you don’t feel the pressure of having to keep up with the neighbours. The money you save not buying unnecessary items can go towards more fulfilling projects like holidays and good food and wine.

If you don’t already own a boat but would like to, then there are many solutions out there.  Canal living has never been as hip and trendy as it is now. There has been a definite increase in people opting to living on the canal system in the past few years; we have seen more and more people wanting a narrowboat to liveaboard full time, as well as people who want a bolt hole to escape to. With the combination of spiralling house prices and the ever growing population, a life afloat may be the only way forward for some.

There is a floating home to match all budgets, personalities and tastes. So whatever floats your boat, there's an aquatic residence out there to help fullfil your dream to live on the water.

What does living or being on the water mean to you?

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