A Few Facts About People Who Live On A Narrowboat
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Sat Jul 16, 2016 at 1:29pm

Have you ever wondered just what the attraction of living on a narrowboat holds and what sort of people choose such a lifestyle?

Well we are lucky enough to meet and help boaters every single day and therefore know a little bit about why life on the water holds such an attraction and what sort of people are drawn to canal life.

Facts About Boaters

They enjoy seeing ducklings swimming past their windows each day.

If they don’t like the neighbours, they just go and get new ones.

Their garden is around 2,000 miles long of which none of it they maintain.

Living on a narrow boat allows them a way of live which enables them to keep moving, but always be at home a very rare opportunity indeed.

They are a friendly bunch of people who have a sense of community and look out for each other.

Facts About Canal Life

It’s peaceful and calm 

The pace of life is MUCH slower than that on the land

It makes you more environmentally friendly

Material things take second place to a simpler way of living

Being on the canal makes you more connected to your surrounds either in the town, city or countryside.

Facts About Cruising

It keeps you fit

Its good fun

You are able to enjoy the country side, towns and cities from a waterside view

It’s relaxing

Are You Thinking Of Buying A Narrow Boat?

Of course owning a narrow boat doesn’t mean you have to live on it full time, many people buy a boat so they have a bolt hole for holidays and long weekends. This enables them to escape day to day living and turn to a much more relaxing environment for certain periods throughout the year.

It is also a good investment and provides your family with a second home. So for example you may use this just for leisure purposes i.e. holidays and weekends breaks or alternatively it may be used as accommodation for your children should they want to study at university away from home or if they are unable to get on the housing ladder.

Towards the end of March and the beginning of April sees the start of the cruising season, so this is a good time for anyone who is considering buying a narrow boat to try out a boating holiday. We strongly advise newbies to hire before they buy so they can get a real understanding and a feel for life on a narrow boat.

It’s also important to know what type of boat will best suit your needs. When buying a boat there are a few key points to consider;

  • Price
  • Length
  • Style

Price; there is a huge selection of boats on the market ranging from a few thousand pounds to £100,000 plus. So set yourself a sensible budget before you start viewing boats this way you won’t waste your time and potentially get your hopes up on a boat that is out of your current price range.

Length; doesn’t really affect the cruising of a narrowboat but where you do need to consider length is when you are looking for moorings, as mooring bays are priced on the boats length. Also depending on how many people you are going to have on board and how often you intend to use the boat will have an impact on which length will work best for you.

Style; The main difference between all the styles is the stern deck, which is at the back of the boat. There are basically 3 types of sterns which are called traditional, semi- traditional and cruisers. The front exterior area of narrowboats is generally the same depending on the manufacture and how the boat was built. Some have a longer front than some but all have an outside area you can use.

There are of course other things to consider when buying a narrow boat and our guide to getting a float is a good place to start the process of owning your own narrow boat.    

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