Buying process / Narrowboat Experience
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Fri Aug 9, 2019 at 9:56am

The buying process / The Narrowboat Experience

Venetian Marina has recently had the distinct pleasure of selling narrowboat 'Ewart' on behalf of Annamarie & Kath of The Narrowboat Experience. For the few out there who aren't aware, this is a very popular Youtube channel aimed at canal users. Joined by their cats they travel our waterways, posting regular and very helpful video blogs. They have recently posted a video with some helpful tips with regards to the buying and selling process, featuring our very own Zoe. Here, we will go through the buying process in it's entirety.

No two narrowboats are the same. So when looking to buy, it is best to view as many boats as possible. This couldn't be easier at Venetian Marina, as after giving us just a few details you can step on board any boat you like. We understand that these decisions cannot be made quickly, so there is no pressure from us to rush.

Once you have found the perfect boat for you, the next step is to make an offer. If this is acceptable then a non-refundable deposit of £1,000 will be payable. As soon as the deposit is paid the boat will be under offer; effectively off the market to any other prospective buyers.

Although it is completely optional, we would always recommend having a survey carried out on the boat in question. This is the responsibility of the purchaser to arrange with a third party surveyor, however we do have several local and reliable options we can suggest. It is worth mentioning at this point that Venetian Marina do not push any one surveyor, you can use whoever you feel comfortable with. As you can re-negotiate on insurance & BSS requirements we strongly advise you choose a surveyor who high lights these points clearly within their report and if you want a new BSS completing at the same time choose a surveyor that offers this. A full boat survey is a possibility, although just as many people opt for a hull survey only. 

Any issues with the boat will normally be divided by your surveyor into two groups; requirements, and recommendations. Any insurance or BSS requirements that are flagged up will open the door for post-survey negotiations on the agreed sale price. We will always try our best to arrive at an outcome that suits buyer and seller alike. In some cases the boat is owned outright by the company, rather than a private seller. In these scenarios we would have the requirements rectified at our cost.

After an agreement has been reached the remaining balance is due to be paid, and the purchaser can take ownership of their new boat once the funds have cleared. We offer seven days free moorings, from the day of purchase, although many choose to stay with us for longer, at our standard mooring costs. We will give you a handover of the boat, sharing as much information as we can, before leaving you to cruise off into the sunset! 

Join us next time, when we will discuss the selling process in detail. Please follow the always entertaining, The Narrowboat Experience on Youtube and social media, for your regular dose of canal based adventure!

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