De - Winterising Your Narrow Boat We Will Tell You How!
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Tue May 5, 2015 at 11:31am

Let's Get Our Boats Ready For The New Season!

Spring is finally here and the boating season is about to begin! If you are thinking about taking your vessel for out for the first time this year after the winter, then it’s time to de-winterise your vessel (if you winterised it back at the beginning of Winter, which you really should have if you were leaving it empty!). Before you get going, you need to get your boat ready first.


Those of you that did winterise your narrow boat, will hopefully face fewer problems than those who didn’t bother to take the time and the advice we gave out last year.

Follow our simple 5 step guide:

1. Water.
In the winter you would have left the taps open, drained down and turned off the water system. Now is the time to turn off the taps and switch on the water pump. Once the water pump is back on, turn on each tap to let the water run through it. Start with the tap closest to the pump this will help push out any air locks. Check for leaks at each stage. Drain the tank and then refill it before you use the water.

2. Engine.
Visually check the engine and surrounding pipework for any obvious leaks or frost damage. Check the oil and coolant levels in the engine. Change the gearbox oil.

3. Electrics.
Turn on all electrical appliances and close all opened doors. Ensure the supplies on board are functioning correctly before use.

4. Stern and Prop.
Check the stern gland and grease as necessary. Check the weed hatch rubber seal, for debris round the prop and make sure that the prop nut/split pin is secure.

5. Interior.
Replace all your soft furnishings and other items that you removed over the winter to stop them getting damp.

Now you are ready to go exploring and enjoy the wonderful countryside. Happy cruising!  


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