Expert Tip – How To Prepare Your Narrow Boat For Sale
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Mon Aug 24, 2015 at 12:01pm

Ready To Sell? Then Let's Get To It!

If you are considering selling your narrow boat you need to do a few things to make the process as simple, stress free and straight forward as possible. Just like when you put your brick home on the market and prepare your house for buyers, you need to get your boat ready for buyers to view.

With so many narrow boats for sale it’s a buyer’s market - so you need to make sure that your boat stands out from the rest.

Follow our guide to prepare your boat ready for sale:

Preparing your vessel:

De clutter by removing your personal possessions and staging the boat for sale. This will help potential buyers to see how their possessions will look inside the boat.

Give your boat a good clean inside and out. Take time to make sure all areas look the best they can. If some fittings have seen better days then consider replacing them.

Fix things that are broken. Don’t give a buyer an excuse to knock the price down because they have a list of things that need fixing.

Take extra time to look at the electrics on your vessel, for example; battery voltage, clean around appliances such as inverters, chargers and the control panel. Check the wiring, if in doubt contact an expert to do this for you.

Have all the paper work connected to the boat in a folder ready to give the new owners.

Where to sell your boat?

Now your boat is in tip top condition you can do one of two things, you can either market the boat yourself, or you can use a brokerage company to handle the sale for you.

Using a brokerage company has many advantages over selling the boat yourself. Once you have prepared your boat for sale and it is in a broker’s marina, it is in the best place for a quick and easy sale. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using a brokerage company.

*Benefits of using a GOOD brokerage company:

  • Wide audience – have buyers waiting to buy.
  • Marketing tools such as website, social media, and magazine adverts, mailing lists etc.
  • Engineers to sort out any alternations or repairs on hand.
  • Free moorings whilst the boat is being marketed.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable sales team to get the best price for your boat
  • Open 7 days a week
  • Facilities for hauling out the boat for pre-purchase surveys

 *The benefits listed above apply to our marina's - Whilton Marina and Venetian Marina in Cheshire, so please bear in mind all marinas are different, so check out each marina you approach regarding selling your narrowboat first.

Once your boat is ready to go on the open market it is very important to take the advice of the experts when it comes to the price you try and sell your boat for.

Overpriced boats just don’t sell it’s that simple, so if you are wanting a quick sale then take the advice of the broker that values your boat.

If you would like a FREE Narrowboat Valuation then give us a call today we would be more than happy to come and see you, and remember we offer three ways to sell your narrow boat; Brokerage, Cash or Part Exchange!

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