Friday Fact 2
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Wed Feb 13, 2019 at 9:00am

Friday Facts

In addition to our regular monthly blog, we shall be posting  a new short blog entitled 'Friday Fact'.These posts will be 'short and sweet' factoids or, top tips tips from our working week which we have found interesting, useful and would like to share these with you.Hope you find them useful and interesting.

This week, is a common issue at this time of year. The waterways capture an abundance of leaves. This is due to the Autumn leaves being blown into the canal. When a narrowboat cruises through these areas of highly concentrated foliage, the vortex in the water from the prop causes them to collect around the prop and reduce its efficiency. It feels like the boat is loosing power (which is caused by this drag).

The remedy is to recognise this phenomena. Initially, put the throttle into neutral for a few seconds, then select reverse for a moment (the reverse motion of the prop will throw off the leaf doughnut which has gathered around the prop. I have experienced this myself on numerous occasions.

Please feel free to send in your top boating tips.

Happy cruising from all at Venetian Marina. 



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