Friday Fact 3
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Thu Feb 21, 2019 at 9:40am

Friday Fact 3

In addition to our regular monthly blog, we shall be posting  a new short blog entitled 'Friday Fact'.These posts will be 'short and sweet' factoids or, top tips tips from our working week which we have found interesting, useful and would like to share these with you.Hope you find them useful and interesting.

This week, we look at 12v power on Narrow boats.

It is a misconception that,  the more batteries you have fitted on your boat the more power supply you have. While this may hold an element of truth, the issue is charging them up!

Lets say you have 3 x 120 Amp Hour Capacity batteries. This amounts to 360 amp hours. So, if the battery is discharged (flat) and you only have a 45 Amp Hour charger (alternator) (360 divided by 45), it will take at lest 8 hours to charge them back up.

Top tip: Calculate the requirement to match your power usage with the amount of batteries you require, then fit an appropriate charging system, such as solar panels, static battery charger for marina usage and the alternator(s) on the engine.

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