Friday Fact
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Fri Mar 1, 2019 at 11:29am

Friday Fact

In addition to our regular monthly blog, we shall be posting  a new short blog entitled 'Friday Fact'.These posts will be 'short and sweet' factoids or, top tips tips from our working week which we have found interesting, useful and would like to share these with you.Hope you find them useful and interesting. This weeks 'top tip' is:

Greasing the stern gland.

It is good practice to wind down the greaser (which lubricates the stern gland) in the evenings when you have been out cruising. The reason for this is, the grease in the winder will be much softer as it has been warmed by the engine, and will go into the stern tube packing and form a better water seal, rather than greasing the stern in the morning when the grease is cold and stiff.

Happy safe cruising from Venetian Marina.


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