Living On A Narrow Boat - Becoming A Minimalist Will Change Your Life
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Tue Aug 23, 2016 at 10:24am

Did you know that many boating people will adopt the minimalist life style when they buy a narrow boat?

This is mainly due to the fact that living on board means there is an obvious lack of space and therefore having lots of possessions is not possible or practical. Owning less is great but wanting less is better, according to the minimalist! 

It's not just the lack of storage space that drives people to choose the simpler way of life. It's the life they obtain that drives them to live this simple life style.  

So what do you gain from becoming less materialist?

Here are five improvements you could experience in your day to day life, if you choose this simple life style which doesn't depend on possessions and money.

You Will Worry Less About; What The Jones Have Got!

Worrying constantly about what your neighbours/friends have becomes a thing of the past. No more competing with others as to who has the best car, the most expensive holidays or the latest technology.   

It's sad to say but many people buy new things simply to impress others, even going as far as buying things they really can't afford. They want others to notice them, praise them, and feel happy for them. However, that temporary satisfaction gained from others acknowledgments quickly fades, and the need to buy more, have more, and be more, becomes a necessity to keep their attention.  

It has been reported that finances are a major source of distress in peoples daily lives, so by cutting back on purchases and extravagant living, you will feel a huge weight lifted from your shoulders.   

When you adopt a minimalist lifestyle, you start to remember what really matters in life. When you are happy with yourself and stop worrying about others you will find an inner peace and become a happier person with a healthier bank balance!    

"The more you have, the more occupied you are. The less you have, the more free you are." - Mother Theresa

Decluttering Will Free Your Mind As Well As Your Living Space

Living with less automatically clears and changes your surroundings and it also frees your mind.   

Keeping up with the Jones and living in a world that encourages you to replace and re buy is an ever-increasing drain on your resources which can also cause problems such as; stress, sleepless nights, headaches and worry.   

Start to de-clutter and start to enjoy the benefits of not needing and worrying about the next must have gadget, free your home of unnecessary possessions and your mind of concern.   

“Your home is living space, not storage space.” - Francine Jay  

Being Able To Live In The Moment  

So many of us are used to being a slave to a schedule, but imagine being able to life your life day by day and not being dictated too by the schedule.  This has to be the ultimate free luxury but something not many of us take advantage off even if we had the choice.   

A minimalist might not actually keep a schedule or diary. At one extreme, if he didn’t have much to do each day — he might instead live and work moment-by-moment, or just decide each morning to focus on one or two important things. A perfect way of living for those on board don't you think?!  

"He who buys what he doesn't need steals from himself"- Swedish Proverb

Setting and Achieving New Goals

With less time spent in supermarkets and departmental stores the minimalist has more time to set and achieve new goals and challenges. Spending time "doing more" rather than replacing and buying whatever is trending will enrich your life and fulfil you in a way that no amount of shopping can.   

Setting new challenges could include, changing  your day to day habits, health & fitness, time spent with family, or having a more watchful eye on finances. All these new experiences will equal happiness and simplicity.   

"People first. Dogs second. Things last" - Nate Berkus

Obtaining Freedom

The simplicity of the minimalists life is empowering, enriching and allows more freedom in your life. So whether you are meeting new people, exploring uncharted territories, you will grow as a person, feeling alive and free with a sense of freedom that money and possessions just can't buy.   

Finally, if you are still not convinced consider our round up on the benefits of living a minimalists life:  less expense, less worry, less upkeep, and more time, more money, more freedom, & more opportunity!   

Are you ready to let go and jump on board the minimalists boat? Let us know we can help you on your way! 

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