Is Cruising The Canal Network For You?!
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Wed Jan 7, 2015 at 10:46am

Have you ever considered a holiday on a narrow boat or even owning one?

Do you want to know what draws so many people to narrow boating, then let’s take a look at why this past time is so appealing.

Cruising the network is something that all ages can enjoy.  It’s a great pastime for families and is something you can also share with your friends. If you enjoy the great outdoors, getting close to nature, fishing, and reading or just relaxing these are all things you can enjoy when you are out on your boat. In fact you can enjoy doing all the things you do at home too.

Cruising is a good form exercise

Taking up a new hobby to get fit such as joining a gym can at times become monotonous, and you can feel like giving up after a few weeks. But if you choose something as interesting as boating you will not only have great days out on the water, but will be getting your exercise at the same time.

Cruising a narrowboat requires a certain about of physical activity, from operating the locks, mooring up, fetching and carrying supplies, polishing the brass and keeping your vessel in general tip top condition. So from the moment you arrive at your boat you are keeping physically fit without thinking about it and not a piece of lycra in sight!

Steering your narrowboat will also require you to stay alert and focused so this will give your mental faculties the exercise it needs to stay active.

Boating provides convenience

The other great thing about boating is that you don’t have to go cruising every time you visit your boat; instead you can just enjoy being on board at your mooring spot and enjoy your surroundings.

Boating allows quality time

A days cruising with friends and family is an ideal way to spend quality time with your loved ones. Everyone on board can be involved in the journey and it’s a great time to gather on the stern catching up with all the news.

Boating enables you to give your kids tasks to carry out on the journey, depending on their age and capability this will keep them entertained and give them a sense of purpose, which can only be positive for their development.

They will love being involved and helping out. I doubt you will hear them saying “Are we nearly there yet!” on your cruise.

A great stress-buster

In today’s world we are under a huge amount of pressure from work commitments, school runs, shopping, housework and general day to day stuff that can build up and cause stress without us even realising it.

Making use of your leisure time down on your narrowboat can help ease the stress of day to day challenges. Cruising the canal system free from your troubles can help to relax and de-stress you.

Boating helps build confidence

Steering a narrowboat isn’t difficult to learn. You can go on a course to learn the basic skills, or if you buy a narrowboat the brokerage company will show you the basics when they do the hand over (note – not all brokerage companies offer this service). By going on a course you can build confidence and prepare for situations that may occur whilst boating, like using a lock!

Boating is fun

Whether you are single handed or taking a crew with you, boating is great fun! No matter what the weather a days cruising is an enjoyable experience. You are in charge, the journey is yours to enjoy stop whenever you want to enjoy the view and carry on at your own pace.

Life is slow on the canal, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun!

So what are you waiting for? Buy a narrow boat and enjoy every moment of it!


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