Looking For a Bit More Privacy on Your Narrowboat?
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Tue Nov 11, 2014 at 2:44pm

If you own a narrowboat, you will know that at times you can feel you don’t have a lot of privacy when moored along the towpath.

Nosey or shall we say intrigued people walk by and just can’t help themselves and take a sneaky look in each window to see what it looks like aboard. Well there is a solution if you are looking for a bit more privacy without having to keep your curtains closed!

Window film! There are a number of companies that stock this product and although I haven’t seen it used on a narrowboat as yet, you could be setting a new trend by trying it out! Checking with a few of the companies, I inquired if the window film was indeed suitable to use within a narrowboat and the general consensus was yes!

 The window film not only provides privacy, but it also is very stylish. The film will help keep the interior of the boat cool by keeping the glare of the sun light out, but still giving you sufficient natural light. Another benefit of the film is it reduces furniture & curtain bleaching or changing in colour by prolonged sun exposure.

The window film is extremely easy to install making it possible for anyone with basic DIY skills to be able to apply it. Depending on the company you use they may even offer a fitting service for those who don’t want to deal with the installation.

To fit the film simply spray the surface where you are going to put the window film with soapy water to make sure that no black residue is left behind when you need to remove the film. After that peel off the protective cover and stick the window film onto the glass. You can use a squeegee to burnish the film onto the window glass. You can push out with it the air bubbles that are formed when you’re putting on the window film.

Various designs are available from patterns, plain frosted to graduated designs. At the end of the day when you are on your boat whether it’s full time or for a few days at a time, whilst you are there it’s your home and you want the same privacy you would have in a bricks and mortar home.

The window film will provide this privacy and will also complement the traditional or contemporary interior.

If you are considering giving your windows a makeover you will realise that window coverings are an important statement within your boat. Roman blinds and venetian blinds in wood or aluminium can help create a contemporary look, whereas wooden or brass poles with matching retainers suit the traditional boat teamed up with curtains and lace nets.

Bung cushions in portholes will suit the modern and traditional boat and can also be personalised for that additional stylish touch.

Shutters give your boat a cosy alpine feel.  More importantly windows are often a security weak spot on a boat, so by fitting lockable shutters you will protect them from forced entry or vandalism which is a wise move.    

If you have tried window film inside your narrowboat let us and our other readers know how you got on.

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