Narrowboat Splinter purchasers story
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Sun Mar 31, 2019 at 10:08am

Narrowboat Splinter moorers story 

The story and feedback below is from Mr & Mrs Lee who purchased their first narrowboat from Venetian Marina in 2002 and they have moored with us ever since. 

'We were attracted to moor at Venetian Marina after purchasing our first boat here after 25 years of hiring. After visiting the marina in 2002, we found our perfect first boat and stayed. The facilities at the marina are very good, much improved in recent years and now meets all our needs. Always first-class service.

The accessibility to the canal from the marina is one of the main reasons for staying here so long. There is a lot of access to different canals no matter what time of year it is.

Since purchasing our first boat at Venetian Marina back in 2002, we have had two further boats. We currently own N/B Splinter and we don’t have any plans to upgrade or downsize in the future.

We have always found Venetian Marina a pleasant mooring and the staff very helpful and efficient'

Mr & Mrs Lee

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