New Nesting Ideas For Your Narrowboat
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Tue Feb 16, 2016 at 9:11am

Freshly feather your nest and add long-lasting personality and style.

If you have recently bought a narrowboat or already own one you may be thinking about giving your vessel a makeover. If that’s the case, then have a look at the ideas we have collated for you to consider when refreshing the interior of your boat.

Despite the fact the interior area you have is small; it doesn’t mean that it can’t look spectacular and have the wow factor. It goes without saying that there is a limited about of space within the interior of a narrow boat, but small spaces can be just as amazing as large mansion’s just in a different way (and let’s be honest it’s what we love about our boats). In a way the fact that you have a small space to redo could make the job easier and cheaper.

Think about the look and feel you want to create and then carry this look throughout the boat. This will make the boat look bigger and the theme will naturally flow through each area. By using the same colour palette throughout the boat, each area will seamlessly join together again making the space you have look bigger.

Be careful not to over clutter the boat as this will make the boat look untidy and small. Sometimes less is more when it comes to arranging your possession’s on a narrow boat. The beauty of owning a narrow boat is each one is individual and has a style of its own; you very rarely come across two narrow boats that are exactly the same either inside or out.

Older/second hand boats have probably had a few different owners historically who all had their own ideas on how to style and use their boat. So if you have just become the proud owner of a narrow boat it’s now time to put your stamp on your new home.

Making your newly purchased boat feel like a home can easily be accomplished by following these ideas, some of which can be completed over a weekend giving you an instant homely feel.

Give Everything A Good Clean. 

Make sure that your narrow boat is speck and span before you settle in; give her a good clean and make note of any issues you may find so that you can tackle these jobs next. Check out our DetoxYour Narrow Boat article.

Fix Any Small Repairs.

Before you start on making everywhere homely fix any issues that you may have found; don’t put these small repairs on the back burner get them sorted now. This could be anything from resealing the shower unit to tighten loose screws.

Clever Shelving.

Opt for shelves equipped with pegs or hooks to accommodate everything, including tea towels and pans.


Paint the Cupboards.

If the kitchen and bathroom is looking a bit tired then bring them up to today’s standards with paint colours to fit your palette. Remove the doors, clean, sand, and prime, and then apply at least 2 coats of your chosen paint colour. For a professional finish add new door hinges when you replace the doors.


Swap Hardware.

A really quick way to change and modernise your interior doors, bathroom suites, and kitchen cabinets is by changing the knobs for alternative types that match your new theme and design choice.


Quickly Update The Bathroom.

Add new bathroom accessories such as towel rails, toilet roll rollers and replace old taps and shower heads. Consider a spa like shower-head that either pulsates or drenches for a bit of extra home luxury.


Floating shelves or a small wall unit can take advantage of the space over the toilet unit providing space for displaying items or storing toiletries. Keeping things simple and clean in this small area is advisable for easy care and an uncluttered feel.

Add Texture.

Create interest to walls by adding pattern and dimension using moulding, tongue and grove, beaded panel board or wall paper. This can be tackled as a DIY project but it’s important to take correct measurements, use proper cutting tools and application tools to create a successful and professional looking finish.


Switch Light and Plug Plates.

This is a really quick, simple and easy DIY nesting job that will totally personalise your boats interior. Take a look on Esty for some really cool and affordable decorative options.


Create Space & Promote Good Grooming.

Using a good size mirror you can create the illusion of space. Replacing a plain door with a door that has a built-in mirror on the inside or on the exterior will allow you to check your overall look from head to toe easily.


Customise Your Storage Jars.

Using labels, tags and draw insert labels, mark up your glasses and jars for a totally organised and unique look.


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