The Benefits Of Mooring In A Marina
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Wed Feb 19, 2020 at 9:55am

The Benefits Of Mooring In A Marina

Mooring in an marina isn't for everyone. Many boaters prefer to continuously cruise the canal, without staying in any one place for too long. And whilst this is certainly a very enjoyable lifestyle for some, with a deal more freedom, there are certain benefits that come only with mooring within a marina. Here we want to take a look at what exactly these benefits are. 


Possibly the most obvious upside to mooring in a marina is the security that come with it. Whilst security measures vary from one to the next, it is undeniably safer. Nine times out of ten, mooring on the towpath is safe enough, but some thought does need to go into the safety of the area before stopping. Within a marina, your boat should always be secure, as there should be no one there except for other boaters and staff. Often they will be gated, on private land, and it is possible that there will be a CCTV system in place.

Electricity & Water

Not all, but a great deal of Marinas will offer an electric hook-up. This means you will be able to plug your boat into a 240v supply via a landline, and not have to rely on an inverter. Many marinas will use a top up system for electricity, or, as it is here at Venetian Marina, it will be included in the mooring fee. having water points on site is also very useful.


A lot of marinas will have moorers' facilities on site. Having toilets and showers available will save using water on your boat, and space in your waste tank. There may also be washing machines and driers available for use, which not everyone has onboard. 


A chandlery on site can be a huge bonus. Whether it be a particular part you need to replace, a map book for an upcoming trip, or even just snacks, not having to travel to find the nearest chandlery is invaluable.

Pump Out & Diesel

Being able to get your toilet tank emptied quickly and easily, without planning ahead is a huge benefit of marina life. If your toilet is not a pump out, fear not, as it is more than likely elsan facilities will also be available. Having diesel readily available on site is also very helpful. It is easy enough to monitor you diesel levels, but that doesn't mean it is impossible to get caught out. 

Boat Yard / Repairs

Having an engineer on site means eliminates the hassle of trying to find someone who can come out to your boat. Breakdowns can happen anywhere, and it is often not in the most accessible area for an engineer trying to reach you. If any issues occur whilst you are at the marina, an onsite engineer can always get you easily and promptly. You will also receive priority, as a moorer, for things such as hull blacking. 

Not everyone is suited to a marina, and there is much to be said for continuous crusing. However these are things are definitely worth taking into account if you are new to boating, and unsure which is the best choice for you. Whatever you decide, we at Venetian Marina wish you all the best and happy cruising!

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