The Secret To Getting The Best Price For Your Narrow Boat
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Wed Mar 4, 2015 at 10:45am

Find out the secret of getting the best price for your boat.


If the time has come for you to sell your narrow boat, then you will want to get the best price you can. You may be thinking about selling your boat yourself, but have you thought through exactly what will be involved?

Handling all the viewings alone is a big job, and then there are always the time wasters who just want “a look” and have no intention on making you an offer.

If you don’t live on your boat consider the time you will need to travel backwards and forwards to show people around, if you work then most of your weekends are going to be spent hanging around waiting for the phone to ring and showing people around.

Knowing the market price and what people are actually prepared to pay is key when it comes to selling your boat. Buyers are fully aware of what other boats are available in the same length and style so there is no point in over pricing your vessel, the only thing that will happen is it won’t sell.

Getting your boat in front of as many potential buyers isn’t easy if you don’t have the marketing tools that a good brokerage company has.

Good brokerage companies will have a database full of potential buyers and will know who to contact, so having a match making service will certainly help when it comes to selling your boat for the best price.

Negotiating with a potential buyer is also something you will need to tackle, a brokerage company knows just how to get the best price.  They will also have a team of engineers on hand to handle any improvements that may seal the deal, this is something a seller can’t always offer during a private sale.

So the secret to getting the best price for your narrow boat is to work with a marina that knows how to price, market and complete the sale.  

You can certainly help with the sale though. Before you sit back and wait for the cheque to arrive, here’s what you can do;

  • De clutter by removing your personal possessions and staging the boat for sale, this will help potential buyers to see how their possessions will look inside the boat.
  • Have a good clean inside and out.
  • Fix things that are broken.
  • Have as much paper work connected to the boat in a folder ready to give the new owners.
  • Bring your boat to the brokerage company ready for viewings.

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