Why Cruising Is So Much Better Than Driving!
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Tue Mar 8, 2016 at 10:39am

Competition Time!

In the competition to decide which mode of transport is the best we have compared cruising the canal network to driving a car on our busy roads. It’s quite clear to us who the clear winner is, but will you agree or disagree?

1.    Firstly you will not find yourself stuck in a traffic jam on the canal system. Cruising along in your canal boat with an open stretch of water in front of you has to beat sitting in your car looking at someones tail lights!

2.    Navigating through interesting locks has to be better than sitting at a busy junction waiting for someone to let you out.

3.    A slower pace of traveling is better than speeding around and you won’t get a speeding ticket either.

4.    Cruising along in the fresh air rather than breathing in air pollution is better for your health and is in general a more pleasant experience.

5.    Unlike driving even the youngest and unqualified person on board can take a turn at the stern, which makes for an enjoyable experience for all the crew. No need to listen to the back seat driver!

6.    Grab a tan whilst cruising along, even with the sun roof down you can’t get as much sunshine as you do on the back of your boat.

7.    You won’t have to dodge the traffic wardens, mooring your boat is a pleasant experience with no worry of a parking ticket being slapped on your deck.

8.    No need to worry about having the right change for the car park, parking is FREE on the canal side!

9. You can sleep very comfortably on your boat, taking a nap isn’t a problem, but the same isn't true about sleeping in one’s car which doesn't have the same appeal.

So it seems very clear to us that popping on board and setting off along the canal is an overall better experience than getting into your car and trying to get from A to B.

Why don’t you share some of your worse car journeys with us to back up our claim! Leave your comments in the box below....

Happy cruising.

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